Residential Rehabilitation

Rebuilding Union County for Over Three Decades

The Union County Housing Authority has been administering residential rehabilitation programs since 1983. As of December 2020, over 1,000 homes throughout Union County have been rehabilitated. Throughout the years, various funding sources have been used to finance these rehabilitation programs. The rehabilitation programs vary somewhat because of the funding source used. Some funding sources are for specific population groups such as repairs for handicapped individuals. Some funding sources are for specific geographical areas within the County while others may be used County-wide.

Even though there are differences among the funding sources, most residential rehabilitation programs have common elements. Eligible applicants must meet income eligibility requirements (i.e. income cannot exceed 80% of the area median income.) Funds are available only to homeowners and taxes must be current. Eligible rehabilitation activities are restricted to functional repairs to the residential structure or a component of the structure such as the heating, electrical, water or sewer systems. Cosmetic upgrades are not allowed.

Obviously, the Residential Rehabilitation Program serves the owner/occupants by upgrading their home. This allows people to remain in their homes longer, and they remain in their communities where they have social connections and networks. The rehabilitation also helps the community by preventing deterioration and blighting influences, and the local tax base is maintained.

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