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April 15, 2020


The regular meeting of the Housing Authority of the County of Union was held on April 15, 2020 via a zoom call.  Gale Reish, chairperson, called the meeting to order at 2:04PM.  Members present were Michael Hanyak, Tom Beck and Diane Meixell.   Also, present were Bruce Quigley, Executive Director; Melissa Lobos, Solicitor, and Sharon Leon, Deputy Director/Secretary.  Absent from the meeting was Chenoa Lee.


  1. Michael Hanyak made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 18, 2020 regular meeting (567). Tom Beck seconded same, and the Board unanimously passed by those present.



Diane Meixell made a motion to approve the March 2020 treasurer report as presented.  Michael Hanyak seconded same, and the Board unanimously passed by those present.


  • There is not a limit to the Meadowview Reserve. However, if the fund becomes too large, Rural Development will not allow a rent increase at the site.  There are several capital needs projects that need to be financed from the reserve.  The next expense will be the roof replacement.  That is generally the same for Datesman Village.  At Penn Commons and White Deer Commons, if the account is too large, the money can be put into amortizing the debt or paying back the developer for deferments.
  • The White Deer Commons account still shows a negative in the operating account, but will change with the reimbursement from PHFA.
  • Sencit sent two payments for the Kelly Apartments operating account to bring the account out of the negative.
  • The Community Service Center account is reflecting an amount under the projected budget. This is typical during this time of year, because most spending occurs in the spring and summer months.
  • The first three White Deer Commons priority projects are being paid from the additional reserve funded by PHFA. The other priorities will be taken out of the reserve over time as it is built up.  The current PHFA held reserves reflects the amount taken out for the roof and HVAC projects.




Tom Beck made a motion to approve the April 2020 staff reports of the Authority including:  Housing Choice Voucher Program, Kelly Apartments, Datesman Village Apartments, Meadow View Apartments, White Deer Commons, Penn Commons, Newky Apartments, Justice Bridge, FSS and the Residential Rehabilitation programs.  Michael Hanyak seconded same, and the Board unanimously passed by those present.


An extension of funds from the Federal Home Loan Bank rehabilitation grant will be requested in May.  The first grant was expected to be expended by May 31st, but with the delays in construction due to COVID-19, the projects cannot be completed by that time.



Don McClure, Sue Auman, and Richard Owen participated via Zoom.







  1. COVID-19 Strategy
    1. The Housing Authority operation plan is posted on the website. The staff is working very hard to perform all of the essential operations.
    2. There was a directive from the Department of Health in regards to multifamily residences. We are complying with the directive at all sites and the Community Service Center.  Maintenance is cleaning all buildings and sites several times per day.


  1. Update on Capital Improvements at White Deer Commons
    1. We continue to work aggressively on the reserve for replacement issues. The kitchen and bath projects are underway. One has been completed, but the rest are on hold due to COVID-19.


  1. Community Services Center Update
    1. The Request for Proposals for the roofing project is ready to be advertised, and will be done soon in anticipation of restrictions being lifted and construction projects resuming.
    2. The mortgage on the Community Services Center is being reviewed and there is the potential for refinancing the mortgage.


  1. Personnel Policy Update – The revised policy will be sent out prior to the next meeting for the Board’s review.







  1. The Board would like to thank all of the staff who are working hard under difficult circumstances to meet their responsibilities in support of the Authority’s essential mission. The goal is to keep the residents, the public and the staff safe!
  2. Thanks to the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way for providing the Zoom account we are using.
  3. Thanks to the Union Snyder Community Action Agency for all of their efforts to help with food support for families during COVID-19!





Michael Hanyak made a motion to adjourn the regular meeting at 2:31 PM.

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