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 Market Street Duplex


The goal of the UCHA's Energy Efficient Housing Program (EEHP) is to produce affordable housing products that are highly energy efficient using current technology, documenting the process and including a collaborative approach to educational outreach.  

With energy prices soaring, the wise use of resources (building materials and energy) is extremely important for the long-term affordability of housing, especially for those of modest income.  


The UCHA designed this energy-efficient duplex for 1308-1310 Market Street
in Lewisburg.

 Market Street Duplex Concept Image


This model duplex promotes responsible living and community engagement through its design and inherent affordability. 

This EEHP duplex demonstrates the concept of in-fill housing.  In-fill means the duplex home will be built on a lot where another home was previously located and destroyed by fire.  In-fill housing is an opportunity to reuse lots within established communities and reduce the demand for development of open land.

The totally electric duplex was designed to achieve exceptional energy efficiency and savings.  The total annual electric consumption is projected to be 8,120 kwh for each unit. 

When designing the model duplex, the architects specified materials sourced from local manufacturers within the central Pennsylvania counties.  The home builder is located in Bloomsburg within 40 miles of the home site.  Sourcing materials locally for this project represents a thoughtful decision that saves energy and reduces greenhouse gases from unnecessary transport of bulky building materials over long distances.  The duplex showcases the efficiency of modular construction in manufacturing a home.