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Affordable Energy Efficiency

 Market Street - Technologies


  • This unique duplex is a model of how new  construction can be affordable, "green", and achieve the highest energy efficiency ratings.  The home will be 40% more energy efficient than the current building code requires.  
  • The home is Energy Star Certified and has a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score of 41.  These ratings mean that the home is 40% to 70% more energy efficient than existing structures of similar size.  For the homeowners, it means they will save a lot of money on their utility bills!

What specific features make this house so efficient?

  • The structural envelope is very important to saving energy and preventing air leaks. 
    • Therma-Steel structural insulated panels form the exterior walls with steel studs and 5.5" thick solid foam for R-value of R-22
    • Interstate double-hung windows triple pane, double low E with Krypton gas rated at U-value of U-19, meaning high insulation and low heat loss.  Made in PIttston PA.
    • Scuttle-Tite exterior doors have R-value of R-40.
    • Insulated, pre-fabricated, concrete walls made in Middleburg are R-22.
    • R-10 under the basement floor
    • 3" to 4" of high density spray foam in attic with blown cellulose on top for an assembly of R-70.
    • 3" to 4" of foam in rim and band joists.
  • The heating, cooling, and ventilation systems:
    • Mini-split heat pumps for heating and cooling use hyper heat inverter technology.  Compact, wall-mounted, highly efficient units.
    • Hybrid thermal-electric hot water heat pumps for hot water needs; Energy Star certified.
    • High efficiency HRV (heat recovery ventilator system) saves energy by exchanging heat from exhaust air with fresh in-coming air.  High performance thermal envelope has no air leaks for fresh air.
  • Energy Star appliances and lighting systems
    • CFL, LED, and pin-based lighting.
  • Green certified, sustainable, and environmentally responsible construction methods and materials
    • Modular, factory-built construction within 40 miles of home site. 
    • Prefabricated foundation walls and above grade walls.
    • Recycled content: cellulose, metal siding, and countertops.
    • Locally harvested wood flooring.
    • Recycling of waste by-products in modular home factory - wood, drywall, electrical wiring, metal scrap, etc.
    • Dual flush toilet, low flow faucets and shower heads conserve water.
    • Zero VOC paints and low VOC sealants reduce emissions.
    • Air filtration in HRV and in mini-splits which allows for higher indoor air quality.
    • Humidity controls via HRV, mini-splits, and hot water heat pump.
    • Small size, reduced building footprint.
    • Urban in-fill housing with little environmental impact.
    • Small Carbon Footprint
    • No combustible gases used or generated in the home.
    • Detached garage.
  • Site with rain gardens with native plants for beauty and storm water control; low maintenance yard
  • Optimal south facing orientation for future addition of photovoltaic solar system
  • Community connection within an established neighborhood, easy walking or biking distance of shopping, recreation, and other community amenities. 
  • Offers income-eligible “prime-time” residents (55 years and older) an affordable lifestyle with easy first floor accessibility for aging in-place.