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Photo Gallery

 The site and foundation



Groundbreaking for the energy efficient duplex on Market Street in Lewisburg was held on July 14, 2010.  Representatives of the Union County Housing Authority spoke about the purpose and goals for this new home construction project.


The foundation and basement walls were delivered in sections and set in place.  The prefabricated walls are made of concrete with steel studs and foam insulation.   


Another view of the basement walls as they are installed with a very large crane.


The north end of the duplex shows the prefabricated stairs from the basement. 

 Factory tour


This shows the beginning of the wall construction from steel studs.


An interior corner with window shows the solid foam insulation. 

Thermasteel Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) wall system provides a very high performance of R22. 


Eliminating air leaks and careful insulation will minimize heating and cooling needs.


The tight ceiling construction and components are clearly visible. 

The floor band insulation is R-Max 2 5/16 inch closed cell rigid foam.



The ceiling has 4 inches of closed-cell, sprayed foam.

With the addition of 12 inches of blown-in cellulose insulation, the ceiling achieves an R value of R64.


The Thermasteel Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) wall section


Tour Group on July 23rd, 2010 at factory in Bloomsburg.

The Builder.

 Setting the Modular Home


On August 10th, 2010 the various modular sections of the duplex were delivered from the Deluxe Homes factory in Bloomsburg.


Modular construction within 40 miles of the site adds to the "green" score of the building.


Construction in a local factory uses highly skilled workforce.  Quality control and consistency of workmanship are a couple of benefits.


A crane was rented for the day to carefully maneuver the sections into place.  Work crew guided the sections precisely before securing them.


Factory built construction reduces the exposure of materials to the elements. There is less risk of damage, mold or contamination. Waste materials are recycled at the factory.


The narrow, in-fill lot was 50 feet wide and 100 feet deep. 


One carport roof is lowered into place at the rear of the structure.  With much of the construction done in the factory, there was much less disturbance at the site.


All the sections are in place at the end of the day.  The trellis over the front of the homes will provide shade in summer and allow solar gain in the winter.